Magnum Elevators-Stabilizer


High raliability,Use solid stat control circuit,no relay, no warm up time ,synchrouns motor drive. Trouble free operation, Quick response time 10mill sec (half cycle). All transformer are copper wound. Excellent regulation as high as +/- o.5%. Zero waveform distortion, Uneffected by load power factor, Ruggediseed construction, No load loss are very low, Very wide input operating ranges, Individual phase control is provided. Cable gland is provided for input/output. Floor mounted/free on wheel.


  • Low voltage protection
  • High voltage protection
  • Overload protection with mcb/mccb
  • Short circuit protection
  • Single phasing preventer

    Panel control

  • Input/output select switch
  • Auto/manual select switch
  • Increase/decrease switch to control the ouyput voltage in manual mode
  • Volt adjust to set required output voltage in auto mode

    Panel indicatior

  • Input-on
  • Output-on
  • Input-low
  • Input-high
  • Output-cut off

    Panel meters

  • Voltmeter with selector switch to read input/output voltage
  • Ammeter with selector switch (from 15kva onward)
  • Input/output connection: separate cable entry box is provided

General Specification


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