Magnum Elevators-Maintenance

Maintenance Services

Magnum Elevators has a Maintenance Department - This Department is called to service when the elevator fails to perform according to the requisite specifications and essentially to perform routine maintenance to keep your elevator in good shape and ensure a long and safe working life. Several teams of people each looking after different parts of the city have been strategically positioned to reach you in the shortest possible time. These teams are equipped with vehicles and cell phones and backed by our Engineers of the entire departments so that all the problems are solved systematically within a time bound period and without affecting the safety aspect of the elevators. This department communicates with the production, installation, vendors and maintenance people so that future problems can be rectified in the present time.

Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Under this contract we shall undertake PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICE of all your elevator equipment mentioned herein and under this scheme we shall provide breakdown service to customers between normal working hours for which we will not charge extra. Magnum Elevators reserves the right to charge for visits made due to nuisance calls and during non-working hours.

Semi-Comprehensive Maintenance Services

We shall look after the entire electrical and mechanical components of the equipment’s.A team of fully qualified and factory trained service Technicians will inspect your equipment once in a month to check the condition and operation of your equipment our engineers will regularly and systematically examine the equipment’s to keep the same in proper and safe operating condition.

Annual Preventive Maintenance Services

The judgment of our service Engineer will be final in this connection. Whenever a part or service is given a challan or invoice is given to the client or their representative and his/her signature on the same signifies acceptance of the invoice.Repairing of the major equipment’s such as Machine, Gear Box, and Motor, if desired. The quotation for the same will be submitted only after dismantling the equipment.


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