Magnum Elevators-Power Doors

Power Operated Doors

Magnum elevators provide diversity of services to the customer in lift installation and maintenance. The main part of the lift is door of the lift. We check the perfection of the door before handling it to the customer. The two types of doors that we made available to our client are Manual door, power operated door.

Manual doors can be opened and closed easily by hand and some time they close automatically. We provide a wide range of variety of doors for our customers. Generally manual doors are used in small scale elevators. The three types of doors we have made available to our client which is Collapsible door, Imperforate door, Swing doors etc.

The second type is power operated door which operates on power. It again includes three types- Center opening Doors which consists of two panels that meet in the middle and slide open laterally. Second one is Telescopic Opening Doors which is ideal for very large opening & partial opening can also be easily achieved. The third one is Vertical Telescopic Doors which is perfectly manufactured under the stern vigilance of dexterous workforce using premium quality basic material


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