Magnum Elevators-Machine Room Less Lifts

Machine Room Less Lifts

Magnum Elevators offers a variety of solutions for Goods-carrying Dumb Waiters right from Hotels, Libraries, and Hospitals to wherever small quantities of goodsThe Vertical Bi-parting doors are well suited to optimize the space utilization.

Magnum Machine Room Less lifts (MRL)-geared & gearless versions available

With the combination of advanced technology,magnum mrl takes the riding quality experiences of elevators to the next level.

Product type - Magnum machine room less(compact-traction)(geared &gearless versions available)

Segment- Equipment placed inside the hoistway

Speed- Upto 4.0m/s

Load- Upto 1020 kgs

Persons- 3 to 15 persons.

Travel height- 55mts

    Features and options

  • New contemporary designs
  • Increased eco efficiency
  • Greater energy savings
  • Superb ride comfort with smmoth acceleration & decelerations with highly acurate landing levellings ensures a comfortable, safe, smooth ride with minimal noise due to newly designed hoisteing systems & noise isolations incoorperated.
  • Upto 40% power savings
  • No oils used hence eliminates possibility of oil leakages & contaminations.
  • Thanks to compact gearless equipments,a larger car can be easily fitted into a standard shaft space

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