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Machine room less with its recent technologies where the lift motor is housed within the hoist way. Thus allows for a more flexible building design and reduces construction cost of the lift shaft. Machines are now fully synchronous, gearless with inverter control along with thin permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine.

The usage of permanent magnet material with high density of magnetic flux make drive torque much bigger enhancing the efficiency with no extra energy loss for excitation of current due to traction sheave directly connects with rotor of the motor.

To avoid the energy loss during driving of worm,worm wheel and other gears. In general, our Machine-room-less elevator saves more than 30% of energy consumption comparing with the traditional elevator with geared traction machine.

  • Capacity from 2 person upto 10 and with the speed of 0.2 m/sec upto 0.6mps
  • Machine Room less Lift, no motor room required.
  • Pit less lift options available too. Maximum lift pit depth only 300mm.
  • Beautiful mixture interior designs c/w transparent clear laminated tempered glass landing door.
  • Wide landing door opening size up to 900mm, catered for wheel chair users.
  • Options of single phase power supply


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