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Car Lift / Automobile Lift

Stack Parking Car Lift

MAGNUM’SUnipole Stack Parking system is ideal for doubling the parking capacity in private residences or for concierge or valet parking in commercial properties. The car stacker is fully galvanized making it suitable for internal or external use&is themost economical and simple parking solution for new buildings or existing societies where parking capacity can be doubled. This type is designed to be fit on the surface and doubles the car space by stacking the cars one above the other. These are one of the most economical & low cost car parking solutions choosen by most of the co-operative housing society’s across India. This has one pole mounted on surface only at one Side for the Parking System, which makes maneuverability on the site easier. The Car on the ground level will need to be moved out before parking/ removing the car on the raised Platform.

Hydraulic /Platform car lifts

A major feature of these Hydraulic Car Lifts is that their hydraulic drive is filled with biodegradable oil. This enables complete organization and durability. They provide complete safety, and are equipped with dual hydraulic cylinders, automatic arm restraints and automatic safety locks. The dual controls allow operation from either column and come with multi position electronic locking system. This ensures full protection. The high-pressure cylinders in each column provide maximum lifting force and even procedure. The adjustable height makes it flexible enough for all kinds of vehicles. We offer these in a variety of platform rises, capacities and widths to serve to the requirements of our clients.


  • Multiutilityi
  • Higly durable
  • Lifting height up to desired height


  • Platform Size-1500 mm L x 800 mm W up to 10000 mm L x 4000 mm W
  • Min. Closed Height- 200-2000 mm
  • Max. Lifted Height-- 0-15000 mm
  • Clear Lift Available-1500 mm
  • Load Capacity- 50 to 10000kgs.

Traction Car Lift

Car Lifts is an important part of high rise car parking and some buildings, we offer car lifts taking care of factors as size, weight of the materials. A car lift is installed where ramps are considered space-in conservative for smaller buildings (usually in apartment buildings where frequent access is not an issue, Car workshop where judicious space usage is very important). The car platforms are raised and lowered in the similar fashion as freight elevator except for the fact that size and load carrying capacity of Lift platform is in accordance with the dimensions & weight of largest vehicle to be transported between floors. Techvos offers all types of vehicle elevator from 1500 kg for smaller cars to 5000 kg for bigger cars like SUVs and tempos.

Height- Upto 40 M

Travel Speeds- 0.32 Mps / 0.65 Mps

Carrying Capacity- Upto 5000 Kgs

Salient Features

Corrosion resistant

Low power consumption


Maintenance free parking

Low collapsed height

Easy operation

Competitive pricing

Single Pole makes easier for car parking

Suitable for Mini & Sedan

Application areas

Residential society’s



Car showrooms & service Stations

Layout Plan

Standard Dimensions


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