Magnum Elevators-Automatic Rescue Device

Automatic Rescue Device

Input Voltage

Three Phase 440VAC, 50Hz Pure Sine Wave Main Line Voltage.

Output Voltage

Two Phase 440VAC, 50Hz Modified Square wave with power Booster Logic.

Battery Voltage

72V (6 Battery of 12V) and Amp depend upon the Motor Rating.

  • Also have smart Battery Charger for 72V (6 Battery of 12V) For Higher HP Motor they have also Current Sensor which detect the lowest current direction of the motor, this is optional.
  • Overload and Overcurrent Protection.
  • Start Time and Travel Time Also Adjustable.


  • Elevator ride in ARD mode is smooth, vibration less and jerk free as the VF Drive runs the Motor in ARD mode.
  • Entire ARD operation is achieved by producing 3-Phase power.

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