Magnum Elevators-Control System

Control System

Automatic Push Button Control

There is one button at each landing. The lift responds to one call from either car or landing on a "first come first serve" basis.

Collective Selective Control

The lift has UP and DOWN buttons at each landing to select the desired direction of travel. The microprocessor-based controller memorizes all car and landing calls, and the lift answers all registered calls.

Down Collective Control):

The lift has one call button at each landing, and all car and landing calls are memorised by the controller. The car calls are answered in both directions of travel while landing calls are answered serially during descent.


  • Automatic Push Button Controls
  • Full Collective System
  • Down Collective System
  • Duplex System
  • Group Control System
  • Remote Monitoring System
  • Regenerative Drive
  • VVVF Drive
  • Access Control System

Duplex System

This system is applicable where two lifts are next to each other. Duplex System is available in full Collective Control System and uses logic to dispatch nearest lift in the direction of travel to collect the waiting Passenger thereby reducing power consumption and waiting time. This Control system along with VVVF Drives reduces power consumption by upto 40% and also saves time.


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