Magnum Elevators-Lift Features

Common Lift Features

  • Accurate Relevelling : Levelling accuracy must be within 20mm
  • Door Close & Open Buttons with Indicators.
  • Quick Door Close & Open with New Car Calls
  • Reopen by landing call Protection against inconvenience caused by misuse
  • False Car Call Cancelling
  • Stuck push button supervision
  • Car Calls Backwards Traveling comfort, including ventilation(Air Blowers or Fans) and light
  • Operation of car ventilation, automatic, switch to turn off Load Weighing Device
  • Car Light Supervision
  • Locking of car calls, reopen devices inoperative in closed doors, mechanically calls, reopen devices operate normally
  • Failure current switch, one phase for lighting Out of service switch in car, doors open, lights
  • Out of service switch at landing, doors closed, lights off
  • Anti Skid PVC/Rubber Matt Button typed Flooring.


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