Magnum Elevators-Compact machine

Compact Machine Room Lifts

Magnum Elevators offers a variety of solutions for Goods-carrying Dumb Waiters right from Hotels, Libraries, and Hospitals to wherever small quantities of goodsThe Vertical Bi-parting doors are well suited to optimize the space utilization.

Compact mrl lifts are designed for a higher quality experiences of elevators.

Product type - Magnum machine room (compact)(geared &gearless versions available)

Segment- Equipment placed above the hoistway

Machine room space- Same as the shaft area.

Speed- Upto 1.75m/s

Load- Upto 1020 kgs

Persons- 3 to 15 persons.

Travel height- 30mts

Power supply- Ac 400/440 volts,3phase,50 cycles

    Special features

  • Energy saving vvvf controller
  • Energy savings compared to machine room lifts
  • Minimized noise & vibarations.
  • Space savings
  • Improved comfort ride
  • Easy emergency accessibility for everyone
  • Contemporary designs

Layout Plan

Standard Dimensions


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